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Intellectual property (IP) is all around us in this information and innovation-overloaded world. From the creative design of our apparels, the distinctive brand of food that we take, the technologies applied to our transportation system, to the original expression of an idea in the book we read, every product or service that every one of us uses in daily life is inevitably associated with IP. As a cutting edge entrepreneur or business owner, understanding of the significance of IP concept and its integration into the business system is hence of vital importance in order to enhance business competitiveness as well as brand image.

Located at the Klang Valley Western Corridor, the Setia Alam city of Selangor, Malaysia, URKEY IP an entrepreneur-friendly IP firm specializing in IP advice and solutions catered to entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium industries and innovation-based organizations, from protection to management of IP, as well as strategic IP planning and integration.

We wish to provide you with the key to discover the potential of your intellectual property assets and to create values from your corporate innovation via protection and exploitation of IP, as well as to assist you to further understand how your business system can be benefited via the different IP approaches.

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What We Do?


► Do you have a new product, composition, mobile app, specific system, process, method, or a unique way to get something work?
► You would like to know if you do have a patentable invention? Are you wondering if your new product infringes any third party's patent?

Trade Marks

► Are you thinking of protecting your proprietary company name, business name, product name, specific sign, symbol or logo, so as to exclude others from using your mark?
► You have a creative slogan or tagline which you would like to protect?


Industrial Designs

► Do you have an industrial product with an aesthetic or ornamental appearance?
► You have a unique design, pattern, shape, configuration that is applied to an article by an industrial means?



► Do you have any original artistic work which you would like to record its ownership under copyrights?
► Have you created an original photograph, video, musical creation, book or literature, drawings, sound recordings, performing art, broadcast, film, or derivatives thereof?


Our Core Values




We strive to understand our clients’ business needs in order to provide specific, relevant and thoughtful advice and solutions.



We sustain professionalism and integrity within our area of responsibility and always aim to be a reliable and credible partner to our clients and associates.



We are skilful and we value the importance of knowledge in powering our client’s success as well as our professional team’s growth and development.



We take pride in our work and are committed to delivering efficient, high quality and timely services.



We remain cheerful and young-at-heart, foster creative exploration and the culture of a win-win business approach.

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